Trade Wall Street's at .005 shr

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  1. on a 2000 share order, that works out to just under 0.008. That's high. But I wouldn't call it 'rape.'

    On 4000, it's just under 0.0065. It's more than I'd pay,'s not excessive.

    I used to pay .02. I consider that excessive.
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  2. Dont forget to add ecn fees. Plus it says .01/share for listed limit orders and .0025/share for listed market orders.

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  3. o. i thought the 1/2 cent add in <i>was</i> ecn fees.
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  4. if you are a small lot trader, the 5.95 1/2 cent share price is reasonable, for 200-300 share blocks. if you trade in 1000 share blocks the 9.95 rate isn't unreasonable and still have many choices in softwares. check et pricing, they charge .005 for island trades? try trading a 5000 share block there. the prices are well in line with the market!!! probably even better.... didn't a firm just raise their prices from 5 to 10.00 plus massive ecn fees??? rjt for example? if you are trading 5000 share blocks on island or hrzg or some of those other routes its a very competitive price.
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  5. i don't know if you used it but great for tier trading, will execute positions as its moving you cqan set ranges also it has trailing stops and a lot other great stuff on it
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  6. nowadays more people are trading in size and getting hammered on the per share rates.... so pick one the schedules listed, its very fair.
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  7. yeah, and nowadays more people are trading less size than ever before, too, and those people are getting hammered on ticket fees. what's your point?
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  8. thats to a broker who has to pay ticket charges...i mean you get what you pay for. i think the prices are fair and the softwares are fine
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  9. Wow. I pay .014. I have none of my own money at stake, but it still blows.
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  10. if you are trading big blocks of course we can beat the per share hurdle, but if you are trading in small 200 300 share blocks, especially on the nyse, for under .008 or better that amazing pricing!! if you are trading sizable lots what is your average bill? send over your excels if you want to compare.
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