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  1. I've heard some absolutely frightening things about CCS's financials, and having met them face-to-face at the Trading Expo, I can't say I'm too impressed. To call them rinky-dink may be kind. I definitely got the impression that they were struggling to survive and my opinion (for what it's worth) is that this is a desparate act by two desparate firms.

    Regardless, the fact that Trade Wall Street uses VTS as an execution platform should scare everyone away.
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  2. called TWS they are not just using VTS(i've tried, outdated) , they have Instiquote, eSIGNAL, with an order entry, and another level2 program Trader. Bringing on proprietary program soon and they said they will go with other front ends as well if the situation makes sense for connection.

    they have a chat online.

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  3. hello,

    our prices haven't changed yet.
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  4. who are these guys?

    hopefully, not the trash from ABWatley/Onsite
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  5. what?? how the hell has it been confusing ...lemme see price is 34.63 ...what is so confusing about that?
    and "trouble"? please explain..

    how has the market "performed"? come on, you tell us..
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  6. My lord. Instiquote is even WORSE than VTS (in charting, features, aestethics, and order-entry). The only thing better about it is that Instiquotes quotes are a bit faster. And ESignal is pure retail garbage. It seems like these guys are using low-end front-ends to skimp on costs.

    Pay for a real platform. You make it up on execution slippage in one day if you're an active trader.
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  7. I used to have an account there. In fact they were my first Direct Access firm. Rob and Bruno are good guys. I've never had such top rate customer service from a D.A. firm. I left however, because at the time I needed to have per share pricing. At the time they only offered 14.95 per ticket plus ECN fees. Also, admittedly I was having some connection issues. Charts dying, SOES orders getting stuck in the system unexecuted, or not being able to cancel orders. However, we were never able to resolve whether the problem was on their end or on mine.
    I tried ECN direct platform and Madware while I was there.
    Also, gave SL4 a try...try not to laugh too hard!

    Anyway, that was my experience with them.

    I'm very very happy with the firm I'm with now. In fact I haven't had a but one problem in the last 6months, feeds started to get a little sparatic a few days ago. Real solid system though.

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  8. mjt


    Looks like they reneged on their low commission offer.

    New commission plans: 9.95 per trade or 5.95 plus 1/2 cent per share.
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    5.95 PLUS 1/2 cent per share!!!- yeah right.....these guys are just hoping for some dumbass rookie trader to get suckered in to paying those rates- thats complete bullshit....say you scalp and trade 100 round trips in a day...well, every buy costs you 5.95 plus 1/2 cent/ share as does every sell. say that you trade 1000 share lots...your daily volume is 200K, YOU ARE GETTING RAPED!!! guess what sucka, you pay (5.95/ trade x 200 trades= $1190) then they charge you per share (with ecn fees that are rediculous..we'll assume .002 on average, so .007/share total...(.007 x 200,000= $1400). you just paid $2590 to trade 200K shares and this firms founders are laughing at your stupidity and spending your money.
    if you trade any kind of decent volume, you can get .008 all-inclusive or lower at many places- hell. i'll pay $1600 to trade the same ya still think that this sham has some good deals? ....the 5.95 per trade thing is just plain ballsy to throw at "traders" of theirs...suprised that no one tells em to FACK OFF!!! run far, far away from this place amigos.....
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    hahah, i can quote myself :D :D
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