Trade Wall Street's at .005 shr

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  1. Check them out with SIPC. If they are members who cares if they are a scam. You will get your money back if they are crooks, catch is you have to wait 2-3 months but for 1/2 a penny, with all things being equal-execution, real direct access. pretty compelling.
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  3. now theres a new way for me to be confused ....

    TWS is short for IB 's trader workstation ...

    also for tradewallstreet :D
  4. Looks like they are a retail firm not prof.
  5. In reality, you gotta wait forever. The SIPC sucks. They get sued all the time.

    TWS is too much.

    I wonder how many shares you have to do to get .0035 base rate. Even without, .006/sh for INCA and ISLD is pretty good, and most of the ECN's are .005 or less, making it .01/sh, right on par with IB.
  6. this penny thing is part of the overall problem. You don't change a mechanism that's been in effect for decades.

    If you must change from fractions to decimals, make the decimals .05

    at a penny, the whole system is in confusing and trouble. alas, look at how the market has performed since it went to a penny.
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    about this firm?
  8. Hi Bungrider.
    SIPC's site says most claims 80-90% gets paid withing 1-3 months. Are you saying that you have experince about someone who didn't get $ around that time frame? Extraordinary circumstances perhaps?

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    Looks like they clear through CCS. I used them once; never cared for them.
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