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  1. I am looking to trade the following for other TradingMarkets titles.
    Most titles are new and purchased from TradingMarkets.
    Kevin Haggerty:
    1. Introduction to Sequence Trading Course
    2. Day Trading Course
    3. How To Trade Major First-Hour Reversals for Rapid Gains
    4. How to Successfully trade the Haggerty 1,2,3 Strategy
    5. How to Successfully Trade the Haggerty Slim Jim Strategy for Explosive Gains

    Paul Taglia’s
    1. How I Trade Runaway Gaps to Capture explosive Intraday Moves

    Chris Tyler
    2. Breakout & Breakdown Strategies for Daytraders
    3. Triangle Trading
  2. Splat


    So how do you find the Haggerty courses? The question has to be asked - why are you selling?
  3. I want to buy new trading titles...