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    thanks for the read.:)

    Its funny that it takes so long for Congress to get around to inacting legislation on things.:mad:

    The markets should have been made "ELECTRONIC" a long time ago. What if "ALL" world markets were electronic like the CME's "GLOBEX" platform? or like the "FOREX"? or even run like the "NASDAQ"?

    The "FLOOR" knows its days are numbered!!! World markets started the global electronic process years ago and now its really going to take place once and for all. One monetary system One world Government via the "ONE WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEM".

    BYE BYE floor trader. Hello internet connectivity.:)
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    ARCA is highway robbery. NYSE specialists are angels comparing to them. It could be because most inventory is on NYSE, but ARCA is not setting a good example as an alternative.
  3. I see ARCX all the time, in fact, it's the biggest player in most of the nasdaq stocks I trade ... what do you mean exactly?
  4. from assoc press / dow jones news

    "In the latest sign of the continuing tension between the Nasdaq Stock Market Inc. and electronic rivals, the market is accusing Archipelago Holdings LLC of improperly trading shares of a fund that tracks the Nasdaq 100 index. "

    "In a lawsuit filed Friday in federal court in Manhattan, Nasdaq is seeking to stop Archipelago's electronic exchange from trading the shares, known as Qubes, which list on the American Stock Exchange under the "QQQ" symbol. "

    hmmm ... wonder if this mess
    might result in ARCA QQQ's book
    being traded but not viewed
    much like Isld 's QQQ book
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    So if you have an order on ARCX for an NYSE stock, then the NYSE specialist trades through say 5 seconds later, do you have any way of being "made good" on your trade?