Trade this Chart - Introduction

Discussion in 'Trading' started by inandlong, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. Many of you saw the Trade this Chart thread last week. I think there is enough interest to continue it, at least for now. But I want to be sure it reflects what you guys want too.

    Please provide some suggestions as to how I can make Trade this Chart more beneficial for you, ie., indicators, more time to assess the chart, less time, etc.

    Thanks, and I will post later this evening.
  2. To make it as realistic as possible you should give atleast 1 year data for a daily chart.. put up the 20,50,200 day MA's. Put volume on the chart with a 50day MA on the volume.

    Also provide a snapshot of the stocks sector or broader market.

    Thats pretty much all the info I need to trade it.

  3. newtoet


    I like what you did in the previous threads - charts without indicators - it forces one to focus in on the price action. After all, aren't indicators based on price action?
  4. Bravo! I agree with newtoet.
  5. UVLC


    Since every indicator out there is a derivative of price, volume or both, please provide at least volume.