Trade the YM next week?...its moving to Globex...concerns?

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  1. we are hours away from the of thursday is the YM volume for the last 2 days...only INCREASING...WED 243,424 THURS 260,540 UP by 17,116 or 7%
    will this keep up come monday on Globex...very serious
  2. Are you sure the YM is moving??? I dont know, maybe I'll check the other thousand posts you made about this subject. Give it a break already. Very Serious!
  3. thanks Trader273...really appreciate your encouragment!
  4. yes, do a search for my other posts regarding this...
  5. What is your concern?
  6. See this

    If the YM is going to be traded on Globex, then if Globex goes down and a trader has a position in a Globex contract (ES, NQ or ER2), then he can't offset that trade with the CBOT's YM anymore. But that may change when the ER2 moves to the ICE, I think.
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    When was globex down last time?

    Also, DAX trades through out all US session.

  8. I know of 2 times in 2007 it went down.
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    Curious, do you happen to remember what times of day it happenned and how long it stayed down.
  10. Don't recall. I know ecbot was less reliable back when I used to trade ym. I think one of the outages was during the morning but i don't think it was down for very long. I may be thinking of ecbot and not globex.
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