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  1. Neet


    No, the ones wthout shame are Trade The News themselves.

    The truth sometimes hurt but the bottomline is, Newstrike, a FREE service is faster than the ultra expensive alternative.

    Sponsor or not at the present point TTN is the suck.

    It might not be the most eloquent way to describe it but hey, it's the truth.

    PS: Why should I have compassion on companies wanting your $ for inferior service ?
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  2. Come on my friend. Im assuming you are not this cold in real life.

    Why not simply state your opinion instead of using cold profane words? This is not how a person with class composes themselves.

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  3. Neet


    You are correct, now that you have humbled me, I say TTN needs to improve their service if they expect to keep up with todays competition.

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  4. I have emailed them at least 6 different times over the past few months. No reply, no phone call, nothing! For christ sake Newsstrike, at least send an email stating that you are no longer accepting new clients.

    What is really interesting, is you think you are getting something for nothing....meanwhile, they've been training their systems to cue off of the headlines and game a strategy for every situation that develops, and soon( if not already!) they will be front running you and every other trader when the news breaks.

    Finally, if you think that $175 month is ultra expensive, perhaps you're in the wrong business. While I'd be happy to pay less, $175 is one trade, or in my case, just awareness of a pending news event will save me several times that when the news breaks.

    TTN isn't perfect, and I'm not a momentum trader, so awareness of the event is more important then timing.
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  5. Yeah I know. there's a lot more emotions in Ben Lichtenstein's squawk than in TTN's.
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  6. What exactly do you mean by "meanwhile, they've been training their systems to cue off of the headlines and game a strategy for every situation that develops, ......." ?

    I know the guys at newsstrike personally. They are very hard working fellas. Even on a friday evening they're sitting there glued to the screen looking for opportunities for their traders. This is the news desk for my prop firm and there are about 7 exclusive news traders that solely rely on these guys. Do they miss some news at times? Hell yeah, because no one is perfect. But, they're about as fast as you can get in reading the news. And for god sake, they're not front running you. The news is relayed at the same time to everyone.

    I got a solution for you: dial 1201-499-8700, then dial ext. 8704 and TALK to the guy at the news desk. He's still there dude.. He's there every day from 7 - 7, and you can't reach him?

    take care
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  7. tef8


    I use Newstrike - I make money off of them.
    It's not the only trick in my bag but it is very useful.
    For any news service if when you finally get the stock on the chart it looks toppy then fade it - shouldn't be a big deal.
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  8. newstrike is trying to recruit for hold brothers. i signed up a few weeks ago and get a nice coy call how they can improve the service and bamm he goes in a recruiting spell. he emailed me offering me a good deal. hey nothings free. but yes there speed is excellent but there's long periods with no news
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  9. My point was: There are no free lunches in life. The latest craze in automation is creating models that can react and trade from headlines and breaking news. To implement this, I imagine you need to know when the headline breaks, the reaction on the tape from traders, and and expected return. I was guessing that they were using this service as a method for training there models. I hate the thought of training a computer to out trade me when the news breaks.

    As for the quality of their work/service, I have heard great things, from two traders whom I have alot of respect for! If they say they're good, then in my eyes, they are good. The only complaint I had was despite several emails and attempts to contact them over several months, not even a courtesy response from them. Other then email, I could find no other contact info on their website.

    That being said, Today they got in touch with me and I am looking forward to their service. I chatted with their news guy and he seems like he is determined to give the edge to traders. One of there cutting edge strategies is rather then react to news and reading headlines, it seems that they are trying to anticipate good opportunities, get the stories, and doing what it takes to find trading opportunities. Visiting court rooms, listening in on conference calls, going to sell side conferences etc. This, could really level the playing field, IMO. I am looking forward to there service.

    Thanks for the contact info, all the best!
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