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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Longhorns, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. I didn't know a paid sponsor suddenly had the right to attack the ET community.. Whether you think you are factually right or not, please refrain from losing it (and still in the same breath asking for critiques.)
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  2. anyone have experience with the free service "newsstrike"?


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    I'd hardly call that an "attack on the ET community". It looked to me like a bit of good humour directed at one person WHO thinks people ARE going to TAKE him SERIOUSLY even though he WRITES like a 12 YEAR OLD. How can you take someone seriously who thinks "Trade The News SUCKS!!" is an appropriate post to make?
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  4. For the amount they want to charge for this, it was not for me.

    Like I said, it was just more distracting than anything else.
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  5. To offset one side of the argument for another, I use Bloomie, TTN, NewsStrike and was a long time NTKN subscriber (helped develop the futures service when they started and were good).

    I can respect Longhorn's opinion on the service, but you have to understand what you are paying for is not what you think you should get. You are paying for a news squawk service. I expect a broad stroke of news headlines but I wouldn't expect them to cover every announcement on every stock that is moving. I also don't expect them to have second by second coverage for the stocks I trade. For that kind of coverage, trading shops pay 100's of thousands per year to create for themselves. It is unreasonable to think that TTN or any competitor can do it consistently.

    Does anyone here know of a service that can cover news just the way they like it? Not me and I trade heavy and across the board. I certainly don't expect it for $175 per month plus a 30% discount...

    I am not trying to defend anyone here. I'm a scalper. I trade a significant percentage of the volume of products that I scalp. News and information is important to me. However, you won't catch me beating down a service (sponsor or not) because they can't be on top of every news story.

    I have heard TTN, NTKN and NewsStrike all miss something that was significant and probably would have paid me money. However, I have on more occasions made good money from a news release that came to me on time.

    I'm happy that TTN is responding to the comments of members here. I think this is a positive thing. Other subscribers of the services advertised here don't get the same access to the people behind the logo.

    For anyone who wants to see an objective opinion of these news services through experience, you can do a search on my name and the word TTN or NTKN and see for yourself.

    Information is key to trading. Perfect information is very expensive in this business. I think one has to balance the fee with the information received versus not having it at all. Squawk news services are a broadcast business and cannot be perfect on every news item. At least TTN has taken steps to improve over time and especially in the last year.
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  6. Yeh....they don't even have the courtesy to return an email inquiry. I have sent them at least half a dozen over the past two months, and have heard nothing back. Probably a sign of the quality of their service.

    As for TTN.....I really like it alot! I'm not a momentum trader, but it certainly helps keep me out of trouble, and helps me in knowing how to deal with problem positions.
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  7. Neet


    For what is worth.

    I tried "Trade the News" and it was inferior to free services across the net.

    "Trade the News" is a paid service, quite expensive too.

    Conclusion, you guys suck.
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    At least they have a trial, otherwise I would had been pissed off.
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  9. I have tried every news service out there and they ALL miss good news too often. And even when they do announce it, most of the time, it's way too late. The crowd is already in by the time you even punch up the chart. I stopped trading the news lately because of this. For god sake, is THE worst! They hold the record for late news and late price alerts. A stock goes up 5 bucks and then they come out saying "oh by the way, abc is up because they raised guidance"...Who gives a hoot now??? I can see if they are 2 minutes late because they have to write it up but they're 20 minutes late nowadays. They're so bad that I trade against them.
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  10. You guys have no shame.

    First, this is a sponsor who keeps the website going. Without organizations like TTN, then EliteTrader would not exist. Some respect should be shown here.

    Second, why type obviously rude non-constructive comments about the service? Why not compose yourself in an educated and civilized manner outlining what you believe to be flaws? Will it really help to post in all caps and say the service "sucks" in an attempt to provoke the operators of the service?

    This is how guys act in high school. Its not appropriate.
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