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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Longhorns, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. jsmooth


    TradersAudio has an amazing squawk. I was a TTN subscriber for months then finally switched to the Traders Audio squawk and holy shit the difference was like night and day. Ben Litchenstiens (sp?) S&P pit broadcasts are great....They also got a great squawk in the bond pits....I would recommend their service to any S&P or bond trader.
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  2. notouch


    I must also WORK for GLOBALFUTURES because the RANDOM capitals MAFIA are ATTACKING them TOO. I CAME to theiR DefENCe TOO.
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  3. I guess the 20 headlines about the Stem Cell research voting that have crossed Bloomberg, Reuters, Briefing, and Dow Jones over the last five minutes aren't worth mentioning by Trade The News?

    STEM, ASTM, CBLI, GERN, all moving.

    Trade the News absolutely sucks.
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  4. TradeTheNews

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    - not really new news or unexpected as well...please note the Presidents veto affirmation that which we covered from earlier this morning and tied in to our headline from 3:09 ET
    - keep the critiques coming though as we are always improving our service
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  5. Yes it was expected, however confirmation headlines still move stocks (one way or another).
    Just look at the move on STEM...almost 9% in less than 10 minutes on a massive surge in volume.

    Individual stock stories are very often reported late or completely ignored by your service.
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  6. TradeTheNews

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    The headline was broadcast and covered at 3:09 ET...I guess you missed it. We also noted that they did not get enough votes to override a veto...which is why the stocks spiked and came right in...all info you would have had, had you been listening or reading our headline in a timely fashion...i guess your were too busy searching for the CAPS Lock key
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  7. That headline was NOT broadcast at 3:09. I doubt it was "somehow" missed by every trader in my office as well as the other branch I called.

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  8. Agree 1000%. How could ET sell out to such a soulless, worthless "service" like TTN???
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  9. Just look at the CONTENT of ET lately . . . It's been deteriorating for quite some time. It's all about creating "web-hits" to show to potential advertisers.

    Give me a break.
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  10. well I think TTN is "fair at best" If I paid $50 a month

    of course they are so shady about pricing its hard to tell.
    I wonder how many people are still paying $450 a month?
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