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  1. Why can't any of the "news readers" actually read the news ON TIME and CORRECTLY?

    P.S.-- If you're not 100% sure.....BETTER OFF NOT SAYING ANYTHING INSTEAD OF SAYING THE WRONG THING (ex- BWA...way to screw that up). :mad:
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    I cancelled a while back. also cancelled need to know news. worthless.

    What'd they do now?
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    Please explain the problem with the BWA average. The announcer read the numbers as they were released and clearly stated that they were being released in GAAP format. Followed by text summurizing other metrics and making a non-GAAP comparison. We are always looking for ways to improve our coverage.
  4. I agree, Trade the News and services like it are more distracting than anything. At least for me it was.

    Nothing like listening to the electronic ES pit ... even bid, even bid, even bid...

  5. You listen to the minis??? I still prefer the pit traded bigs. Although many people on this board say the action, volume and big paper is gone in the pits. I disagree. You should of heard the first 2 days of this year. That was HUGE size going through the pit. On the 2nd trading day this year there was a HUGE buyer on the open. About 700 cars (bigs) and he was paying up. There was a local that sold 400 to him and then started slamming the thing from 5.80 down to 1.50. No way I could have caught that move without the squawkbox.

    You subscribed to TTN or tradersaudio?
    Tradersaudio is the best IMHO.

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    Hi there,

    I think that there may be confusion in our products please let me clarify as we now offer 4 Audio Channels (2 news & 2 open out-cry)... Both news channels come with corresponding streaming text headlines and the ability to ask question directly to our analysts through the platform.

    <b> Global Equities News Channel <b/>
    Trade The News’ Equities Audio News Channel covers all global stock news and markets – instantly 24hrs a day.

    <b>Credit/FOREX/Futures News Channel<b/>
    Get up-to-the-second global economic announcements, central bank commentary, macro events, currency pairs, technical levels, implied volatilities and much more 24hrs a day in a live real-time audio format. A must have for bond, treasury, fixed income, currency, FOREX, futures & index traders.

    <b>S&P500 & NASDAQ Open-Out-Cry Squawks <b/>
    Broadcasting first-rate, objective and live audio coverage directly from the trading floor of the S&P 500 and NASDAQ Futures. Hear the bid/offer, size, players, local positions, trading volume/momentum, key support and resistance numbers, and index arbitrage activity.

    Also keep in mind that in the last year we've expanded our news room to 20 analysts and now go 24hrs a day. If you haven't tried us recently I invite you to - you'll be amazed at the changes:)

    Kind Regards,

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    In fairness I should say that the squawk guy in the big pit is pretty good. It seems like it would be pretty handy if you could use the noise level on the floor to your advantage.

    But as far as the news reader service goes, it just seems like you'd be better off staring at the DJ news feed all day. By the time I heard the reader say what he had to say it was always too late.
  8. The title of the thread was...

    "Trade The News Sucks"

    Why was it edited? There was no foul language, just an honest OPINION.

    Let the truth be heard. Stop editing to suck up to your sponsors.
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    Unfortunately it seems to be a trend on ET that new sponsors get attacked for no reason by semi-literates who THINK that RANDOMLY writing in CAPITALS is a way to MAKE a POINT. Take it with a pinch of salt. TradeTheNews is a very good service if you want an audio news service.
  10. Thanks for posting your OPINION and critiquing my writing style. Unfortunately, I really don't care what your opinion is.

    BTW-- Which mook from Trade the News are you?
    You should spend less time on ET, and more time READING THE NEWS. Now get back to work scrub.
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