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  1. burnin


    yes have had it for 2 years
    has gone DOWNHILL the last 3 months for several reasons
  2. What kind of reasons and how much are they a month?
  3. burnin


    475 month

    jon ogg no longer does the news reading, he was THE KEY

    morning reports etc late usually now

    more than anything, I saw an add for a newsreader/trader for them in monster which makes me very skeptical knowing they claim they dont trade off of the info they put out .

    Im sure anyone who has had this service for some time would agree its gone downhill


    Do not use this service.

    I have had it for over 2 years. About 9 months ago, I started noticing that everytime Ogg would call out a stock play, some ECN would be reserved for massive size...always at the inside market (someone BIG was unwinding their position into the late comers). Soon it became the norm that everytime he would pitch a stock, it would reverse hard (Bad news=stock goes up....Good news=stock plummets).

    At first I thought he was getting paid to pitch for some of the bigger I think he simply trades against his calls.

    Unfortunately, fading his calls really doesn't work anymore either. Too many people are on to him.

  5. lol, hey, its hard to make an honest buck. u need an edge man!! and you say this guy got paid for it too? whata country.
  6. Here is the ad i saw on monster that you were referring to...,1863&lid=532,534,549,550&fn=576,+548,+549&q=


    Here's a perfect example of Ogg's bullshit....

    3:06 PM (EST) Ogg says, "Mentor Graphics announces (X) amount of convertible notes offering."

    People start hammering the bid (18.50). INCA and ARCA are reserved for massive size. One minute later, Ogg is back announcing "The note offering for Mentor was completed in September." People cover their shorts, longs enter into the short cover, etc. and the guys who traded off his "news" got ripped.

    He pitches stuff like that at least half a dozen times a day. There is no doubt in my mind that he trades off of his "news" stories and also gets paid to pitch when someone needs to unload a large position.
  8. If I am reading the above correctly, any number of posters have knowledge of, or at the very least, strong suspicions of what amounts to illegal activity. Activity that undermines the very fabric of the industry, and that has lead to sever punishment in the past. So what do the do? Notify the S.E.C.? The F.B.I.? No, they post on a message board using silly nickname to conceal their true identity!

    Please God, send a plague, a flood, something, anything to put this board and it's collection of hopeless malcontents out of their misery.