Trade The News Did Bad To Me

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Tracy McGreedy, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Any reason why these people should be allowed to steal money from their clients?

    My original 6 month agreement came to an end early this year. Without first offering a renewal and new changes to the account, they proceeded to charge me anyway. All emails, phone calls never returned.
  2. File a dispute with your credit card company.
  3. let me tell ya about TTN. They are absolutely horrendous.

    I had to fax them to cancel, call them to cancel and email them. AND they charged me an extra month. Stay far away from them.
  4. Whoever runs that place must have mental issues. I never experienced such bs in my life.

    I hope they read this. You guys suck eggs, you motherf&ckers.

  5. Don't know about their billing practices, but their news service has become an absolute disgrace.
  6. I had the same experience with Need to Know News. Customer service did not exist.

    Been there done that with TTN.

    One thing to say:

    Free. Why? I have no idea other than maybe they're trying to put the BS services out of business.

    This is normally one to two seconds faster than the other guys. Seriously.

    Plus the guy has a cooler voice.

    EDIT: I am not affiliated with them or any news service.
  7. MNTA--- Great job reading the news out at 3:05.....A full 7 minutes after it was out in an 8k.

    MNTA goes from 11.80 to 13.50 and back to 12.40 and that's when you finally get around to "breaking" the news.

    FADE the News is awesome!!! LOL