Trade The News....AWFUL

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  1. same here. Trading the news is too risky and dangerous.. But i guess it depends on
    a trader if it fits for them and that they know how to manage their account properly on trading the news. But to novice/inexperienced traders, i suggest not to try this one, but if they really want to, they just have to make sure that they are knowledgeable enough.
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  2. just21

    just21 is £106 a month in London, 12 month contract. Not sure if that includes sales tax which is 17.5% here. What is the price in the US?
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  3. Glad I can help other traders before they pay good money for a bad service.

    Here is an example of TTN's incompetance from this afternoon.....

    Around 2:16 Dow Jones ran a headline about C (Citigroup) and a 3.3 billion capital injection to support SIV's on their balance sheet. Citi immediately began selling off (look at the chart). Bloomberg, Reuters, etc all picked up the story shortly after... even Briefing picked up the story by 2:20...

    14:20 C Citigroup plans $3.3 bln capital injection to support SIVs, sources say - DJ (26.51 +0.70)

    DJ reports the co is to inject around $3.3 bln into six of the seven structured investment vehicles it took on balance-sheet last year in an effort to shore up their top credit ratings and protect senior creditors, people familiar with the situation said Tuesday. The people said details are being finalized and the injection could be announced Wednesday. The facilities would provide an extra cushion against any further fall in the market value of the $49 bln of SIV assets. However the people said Citigroup has continued to sell assets since December to settle maturing debt. The move was described by those people as an investor relations exercise, to ensure the highest credit rating for senior investors as well as give added comfort that they will be repaid in full.

    Well after Citi and the whole market tanked for 15 minutes, TTN finally got around to reading the 2:33:30...a full 17 minutes after Dow jones broke the story.

    TTN is AWFUL. Stay away.
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  4. You always bash TTN but it sure seems like you keep using them. Are there no other options? Why use such a bad service?
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  5. 1) The TTN service is broadcast on the trading floor.

    2) I have a half dozen other news services. Everything is better than TTN.
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  6. I'm looking for another squawk. I use TTN. Am doing a trial with Ran.

    Is there a top tier solution?
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  7. Is there a place in elite trader where traders can rate news sevices like they do brokers and software?

    I would like to see a screen shot comparison.
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  8. trom


    My office uses the Global Equities audio service, and I have no complaints.

    I listen to the S&P pit and enjoy that service, as well as their commentary.

    Though I don't use it, I have looked at the news headlines module before, and have noticed it being quite a bit slower than the audio service.
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  9. Longhorns how you be?

    I must admit I have days in which I'm trading and I have no idea the DOW is down 200. A war could break out and several have it doesn't bother me.

    I occasionally (when I'm bored ) scroll through some headlines on free Reuters or I'll turn on the TV for a minute but for the most part the outside real world means very little when trying to figure out whether to double down on a losing position.

    Most leads can be had just by reading the paper in the morning along with eight cups of coffee, two cookies and a pipe. ~ stoney
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