Trade The News....AWFUL

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  1. There are so many "good" analysts on the Street right now doing such "good" forecasting of news and economic numbers???

    You can't be serious.
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  2. That's a bunch of philosophical BS, tied in with some efficient market theory, which is just more BS.

    Traders know that certain news will move stocks, and nimble traders make very good money listening to the breaking news and reacting accordingly.
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    TTN is actually a very good service bit with any service there are flaws. for example,a company comes out with earnings guidence and TTN reports it wrong or does'nt exclude a gain ect... does the same thing and you can get whacked hard. i would rather read the news and let the stock base then will lose in the long run trading news as it comes out,at least i do,especially when it comes to earnings. too many things to read in a report for one to digest in seconds. nothing like buying a company after they raise guidence but to then see the bids completely disappear. its a bad feeling.
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  4. a few of us at hold brothers have nitched out a decent living just trading news. There is opportunity just looking at the Bloomberg and Reuters news wires just waiting for stories all day. We have been able to keep ahead of the curve as many of our traders quit after NYSE went Hybrid. I'll be the first to admit i cant trade that good other then news
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  5. I dont think you can forcast an announcement . You might be right 60% but that 40% might break you . Look at the last nfp # . Adp # said there was a gain of 140 K then the real # was in the negative . I think the big boys only trade on a sure thing .
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  6. I agree, I can trade off bloomberg and make a ton of money just reading the news and playing it live as it comes out. It is a vital service to catch the markets and make big profits!! Yes and I agree TTN sucks. The only real great news service is bollmberg but they are so expensive!
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  7. i agree ttn is horrible. i use esignal news
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    DJ Scoop As BoA Moves On Countrywide Lifts Entire Financial Sector

    DowJones scrolling in a browser. Not sure of the cost but must be cheapest way to get it as you don't have to subscribe to a third party platform.
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    Are you using the Bloomberg news service or the dow jones on bloomberg?
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  10. Thanks for the heads up Longhorns. My office (pussies) dont want to continue chipping in for Bloomberg and I dont feel like eating the entire monthly cost so we were looking at alternatives. TTN was on the list but isnt now.
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