Trade The News....AWFUL

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  1. does anyone recommend something else?
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  2. just21


    You can get Reuters scrolling news for $135 amonth from
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  3. how does the reuters service compare to the DJ Newswire service that comes free with many brokers, in terms of speed? And in term of having the most important stories highlighted? and how about rumors that may be going around, are those reported on?
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  4. i find trade the news awesome.they come out with earnings and
    econ news in seconds. news strike was awful but it was free
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  5. I trade forex and i dont trade the news but it is good to have . A week ago the yen drop 120 pips because of some comment an official said. There was no technical reason for the drop. I use one and i think its worth it
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  6. Re:reuters one would have better advantage with the history channel.
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  7. Any discretionary trader (non program) is at a huge disadvantage if they don't have real time news available.------>>> This is just me of course, but I think news is useless. If you trade a news driven event (except the Fed) you are probably going to be late and will lose. News shows up on the charts pretty much right away so price action will report the news, and if you're in a trade and news comes out there ain't shit you can do about it anyway. The only time I turn the talking heads on is for the FOMC. This is just my experience and what works for me. Everyone is different. Do what works.

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  8. Their news service is ok but they have a pit noise commentator who's a complete degenerate. This guy makes so many bad calls its a joke. Not only in the S&P's but in oil and he even called for the patriots to blow out the giants. After hearing this I put a couple bets down on the Giants with and without the points, so he is somewhat profitable.

    Either way this guy should just shut his hole and quote what is happening in the pit. He honestly thinks he's an entertainer?!?! If I wanted entertainment I wouldn't be listening to trade the news?!!?

    Anyone use a good pit noise squawk service?
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  9. Do you know which brokers provide live DJ newswire? Is it truly live? My understanding was that a live DJ feed is very expensive.
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  10. What are news to you?, Real news?

    Most large players already know economic news days before their release.

    It is said that because they have so good analysts that are very good forecasting news.

    A conspiracy theory says that government agencies leak the financial data (for a bribe, of course).

    Whatever the reason, they know it beforehand.
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