Trade the News -- any good?

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    Does anyone subscribe to

    Its not cheap but is it any good? Are there cheaper alternatives?

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    I don't "trade the news" but it looks like an interesting and useful news service albeit not cheap.
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    It's great. The news service is easy to use and for a bit more you can get the SandP squawk box. I make the monthly fee easily by catching news pops, but be careful trading those if you don't have experience.

    Have you not done the 2 week trial? You get two weeks, don't need a credit card or anything.

    There is cheaper squawk box, Google traders audio discount page and you'll get some links for the discounted rate of 75 dollars a month. You can also get traders audio for free if you have thinkorswim. Check the chat rooms on the software in thinkorswim and you'll find it.

    Interactive brokers has a live reuters feed, you may want to look into that as well. It's free if you produce enough commission.
  4. Its good for those who use a certain strategy. A pro at my firm uses it, but he's been in the business for a while. You have to be very fast when the news hits for it to be effective.

    Just factor it into your cost/reward ratio and see if its worth it. You can get a free trail I believe.
  5. The nickname for that service is "Fadethenews". Too many pikers use it. The superior news services cost significantly more and are geared for institutions. Considering the lag of behind the other services, you might as well use instead.
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    The question si do you trade the news or do you trade the technical info ffrom your charts. It is important to know what your method is. You need to define that and write a trading plan, stick to that plan once you know it works. It takes patience and discipline, lots of it.
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    Well the trade news is a "lead" on something that may have momentum, or it may be too late by the time it hits the news. The news is always subject to the chart data and order flow.
  8. After being a customer of TTN for more than 4 years, last Thursday they unilaterally closed my account. "Support" said there was "suspicious" behavior on the account and that "management" decided to close it.

    That's it. No other option. Can't speak to "management" - they must be very important people.

    I know what happened. I installed an anonymous IP address product on the TTN pc a few days earlier which rotates that pc's IP address every 30 minutes. This is to protect that pc's identity on the web. Obviously TTN did not like this. Fair enough I suppose, but you would think they would at least call or email their customer about it first before simply throwing them out the door after 4 years.

    Odd way to run a business. I'll get another service.
  9. What was your opinion prior to their screwup?
  10. I only used their txt service - pretty good IMHO. I'd continue to use them if they were willing to re-open my account.
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