"Trade the Mini-Sized ($5) Dow Day at the CBOT"

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  1. CBOT Declares "Trade the Mini-Sized ($5) Dow Day at the CBOT" - July 25

    CHICAGO, July 23, 2002 – The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) announced today its Dow complex traded 84,024 contracts on Monday, July 23, 2002, reaching a new all-time high. In addition, a new daily volume record was set yesterday in the CBOT mini-sized ($5) Dow Jones Index futures contract, the latest addition to its Dow Jones complex which is based on the DowSM Jones Industrial Average. A total of 13,775 contracts were traded, breaking the former daily volume record of 13,579 contracts set on June 24, 2002.

    CBOT Chairman Nickolas J. Neubauer said, " The current high volatility in the Dow Index is attracting more investors and speculators to our Dow Jones complex in order to manage their risk during this time of economic uncertainty. The recent high volume in our Dow Jones complex, including yesterday's record in the Mini-sized DowSM, are powerful indicators that no matter what platform the CBOT Dow complex trades - electronic or open auction - the CBOT is providing its customers liquidity – especially when markets are volatile."

    Trading exclusively on the exchange's electronic trading platform, the CBOT ($5) mini-sized Dow contracts began on April 5, 2002. As part of its ongoing success in this product, the CBOT has designated Thursday, July 25, 2002, as "Trade the Mini-Sized ($5) Dow Day at the CBOT."

    All futures equity product traders and CBOT members are being urged to take 15 minutes from their normal market activity to help continue building the CBOT volume in this growing electronically traded market.

    If CBOT members are successful on July 25, in doubling the current mini-sized ($5) Dow volume record set Monday in this contract, the CBOT will declare August 1, 2002 as a "Fee Holiday" for the mini-sized ($5) Dow contract and will rebate exchange fees for all mini-sized ($5) Dow contracts traded that day.

    For more information on CBOT's mini-sized Dow complex, please visit www.cbot.com.

    Maria Gemksie
  2. Nice try Maria. gee 13,000 contracts in one day! That's more than emini usually trades in a whole five minutes. Too bad cause cbot spent a lot of money getting the DJ liscense. But they have always been more interested in keeping what they have instead of building for the future.