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    On my DowMini vs S&P mini thread, John Carter's book was mentioned. The book is good, very educational and useful.

    My question is, has anyone out there ever done the training with John Carter, or at the very least, went to a seminar or bought a seminar dvd?

    Given that I am in the beginning stages of a trading plan and devising strategies/setups - looking to concentrate on index trading and futures in general - does anyone feel that there is a value to TTM's training?

    I have yet to see any positive comments on this site for ANY vendor of trading education. The money these seminars cost would go a long way in setting up my trading station - are the seminars worth the investment in education?

    Any input is greatly appreciated.....
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    i dont know about his seminars, however he has some nightly (free) videos that he sends out that definately are worthwhile and informative.
  3. trader mike has a link to an article Carter wrote for SRO mag on Gaps. It'll give you an idea of his style. That, plus the videos should help you.
  4. Hey Sponger:

    Before you spend $ on any DVD's or seminars, check out,3181,1019,00.html

    There's a bunch of educaitonal materials for FREE.

    the best price of them all.

    Oh, and since you asked, John Carter's materials are VERY useful.

    Happy holiday.
  5. Sponger:

    One more thing... John Carter has one of the BEST free web newsletters available anywhere! It has links to some awesome pertinent and timely videos.

  6. i'm a big fan of carter, and to a lesser extent, his business partner Hubert

    they both have good ideas, and solid methodology.

    they used to have a FREE library of trading videos online that were extremely extensive but have since taken them offline for people not paying to access

    regardless, the free newsletters are good, and I am sure the paid ones are better (more detailed) etc.

    the cbot webinars are a mixed bag. just like traders. some are excellent, some are rubbish imo. but to each their own

    carter's CBOT videos are among the best

    i was in carter/hubert's room for a while. it is a good room, and they are skilled. i just prefer to trade my own setups, etc. but that is not a slag on them. they run a good show.

    if i WAS going to pay for a room, i'd choose carters over somebody else's

    carter also prefers the mini dow to the ES, so he MUST be smart
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    I went to the Carter and Huberts paid seminar at the most recent las vegas expo (~$150). All in all I would say that the book is MUCH better than the class they put on. I like the book, but also suggest that you back-test their ideas. Very little in the book holds up under backtest. That being said - it's still one of the best books I know.

    At the seminar, both seemed unprepared. Hubert started and Carter showed up 2 hours into the seminar. They had not really prepared "who was supposed to cover what", so it came across poorly, in my opinion.

    Just two small examples: 1) Hubert did not "recall" how often the YM rolled over. After a lot of thinking he concluded that it was 3 times a year. An answer like that put's his credibility in question, at least from my perspective.

    2) The presentation relied on lots of color coded charts (blue and red), but the handouts were all black and white. It's very hard to distinquish red and blue on the printouts. Again simply sloppy.

    In conclusion: just buy the book and skip the seminars.
  8. Considering that this is his favorite futures instrument, I would say that you are very kind on him with your comment about his credibility.

    They also sell the 3 line break strategy for $3000 (perhaps more now), which you can learn for free or get for $100-500 from others. Draw your own conclusions...
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    Vikana, I am not at all familiar with Carter, but I am currently checking out one of his CBOT videos. Your comment above seems to contradict itself. Could you clarify what you are saying?
  10. I was taking a trial to Hubert's room a few months ago and at that time he was saying one had to buy an expensive cd course of theirs(I believe priced around $800-1,000) to be able to continue with the room membership. I felt this was quite odd...and passed on the opportunity.Hubert also made the claim they made like $150k a few mornings too(while they were in Austin conducting a private class).So,I'm thinking...if they are this good why have this live room ? Then I thought 250- 300 members at $300 a month(which is what he claimed) and you do the math...
    The book goes over alot of what Hubert uses-esp. their squeeze indicator,tick hook,trin and put/call ratio.
    If I were going to spend the money,I would look into Linda Raschke's room. Found @
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