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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by tpk, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    no, but I think it could be good if my software puts a stop loss into the market immediately after entering a position. Especially when trading baskets, it is important that this works well and accurate. Sometimes I have up to 20 open positions (different stocks) and in this situation it is very important that the software knows if I am long, short or flat. Don't you think?
    BTW: I don't like cuba libre, but I love the beach, yes! :cool:
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  2. So, please could someone (who knows it) answer my question about whether TS knows exactly how much and at which price it bought a security? Thanks!
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  3. Ebo


    You can set stop loss and or exit orders vs executed orders/positions!
    Try the 30 Day Trial. They will rebate the $99 platform fee if you are not happy. I am quite satisfied with TS these days.
    Good luck!

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  4. chessman

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    Thanks for your reply. Yes, good point about adding code to check if a limit order is executed. The slight issue with mkt orders in thin mkts is it tends to move the mkt, adding to slippage. I think your approach is correct to mix auto with some manual trading.
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  5. Hi Ebo,

    thanks for your comments. I think TS does not know how many stocks were bought and at which price, true?

    Regarding my last post about trading with baskets I have another doubt: Without additional software, TS is not able to trade baskets, is this true, too? :confused:
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  6. tpk


    i see there would not be a lot of slippage in fut. i trade stocks with
    volume of about 9 mill. a day. i was wondering if someone had e
    exp. and what kind of slippage to expect.

    thanks for your help
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  7. Slippage depends not only on the volume of the stock but also on the volatility. Even high-volume stocks have high bid/ask spreads sometimes. This is very difficult to backtest as most data vendors don't have accurate bid/ask data. What is your average trade size?
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  8. tpk


    i trade 300 to 500 of each stock. usually 3 stocks at a time. they are $40 stocks or greater. not scalping so a nickel slip won't be a problem. i have never used market orders before, and don't want to get printed 25 cents away.
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