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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by ChrisM, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. ChrisM


    I`ve been fighting recently with TS tech support, actually receiving messages directing me from on place to another.
    My impression is that tech support of this product gets worse through the time, am I wrong ?
    Did anybody else have such problems with them ?
  2. ChrisM


    looks like noone else.
    So I must accept the fact that they don`t like me :mad:
  3. Brandonf

    Brandonf ET Sponsor

    I have found the product to be very good, but the tech support is very bad. I guess 1.2 cent a share doesnt pay for much.

  4. Kymar


    Could be time of year-related, I guess.

    I've had a number of experiences with TS tech support, and they've mostly been fine. Some have been excellent. Along with a number of other factors, such experiences have contributed to my infamously positive response to the co. and product. And it seems to me that there've been tremendous efforts to improve over the years, especially since the merger between Omega and On-Line Trading (with what used to be WOW in the mix) went through and created the current Tradestation Securities.

    Of course, some people expect the company to provide them 24-hour free programming consultants... That they don't do. And some aspects of the program, and ways to improve its efficiency or tailor it to individual needs aren't very well explained or very easily accessible. So it's partly TS's fault if you get a lot of whining and complaining on this site and elsewhere from people. And there are people who are still pissed off by experiences from months or years ago...

    Anyway, these latest complaints surprise me. That's why I wonder about the time of year being a factor...
  5. I have found their tech support to be ok for the most basic "duh!" types of issues. However, if you have knotty questions you are better off asking the omega list. I called tech support once to complain about how shitty and slow large arrays are in EL, before I knew about pushpop, and the guy said " why on earth would you want to populate an array with thousands of values?" :eek: