Trade station question w/speed of charts

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by wickcity, Jul 3, 2010.

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    I have a 5m, 15m, 60m, daily and weekly chart. When I click on a symbol from radar screen, about 50% of the time the daily and weekly charts will come instantly but the 5, 15 and 60m will about 1-2 minutes before it comes up. Why the delay?

    Like I said it happens about half the time. It seems the symbols I click on frequently all the charts come up quickly but symbols I don't click On all that often seem to take longer. Even the SPY and QQQQ takes a long time on the 5, 15 and 60m.

    I have been deleting my cashe frequently. I have X'd out my 5, 15 and 60 min charts and copied one of my daily charts and this hasn't fixed my issues.

    I thought I had some corrupt intra day charts. But when I deleted them and copied on of my daily charts, this still didn't fix my problems.

    Can anyone offer a fix?

    Ps--I have a low number of charts with few indicators so I don't think memory is a issue
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    have you posted this question at the TS forum? the tech support usually sees the questions.
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    I'm not sure you mean by TS forum? Do you mean at TS's own website or a TS forum on Elite trader?
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    I meant at TS' website, not here at ET. If you are new to TS why didn't you check out the TS website video tutorials and the Learning Center and Discussion Forums? i just saw two threads at TS Forum complaining about regular connect/disconnects during past 30 days and "waiting for data" blank charts .....
  5. kgoodfl


    Same problem here. The charts take forever to load first thing in the morning. They also freeze up in the middl of trading and sometimes they jump around while I am trying to move a stop which makes it pretty difficult to place the stop where I want it.

    Have also had erroneous triggering of orders.
  6. I have developed the following technique to "force" tradestation to pre-cache chart data, thereby speeding up chart display.

    In a separate workspace, create a new RadarScreen window. Paste in every symbol in your universe. Meaning, paste in every symbol you may possibly view during the trading day. My universe is about 500 stocks at the moment.

    Next, right click on a column in the RadarScreen and choose Format Analysis Technique. Remove all analysis techniques. Then, add Mov Avg 1 Line. The period shouldn't matter, but I use a 20 period.

    Now, Right click on the Symbol column, and go to Format Symbol. In the interval settings, enter the lowest timeframe you use during the trading day. For me, this is 2 minutes.

    Done. What this does is forces TradeStation to cache your streaming quote data for all the symbols you may view on charts. By default, quote data is not cached. The trick is to use an analysis technique that requires historical data, which is why the Mov Avg 1 Line was chosen. The result is very quick loading of charts during the trading day because almost no data needs to be downloaded. Just make sure you have the universe workspace open somewhere in the background.

    I hope this works for you. TradeStation, in my opinion, is the absolute best there is. There are just a few tricks you have to play sometimes to get it to work the way you want.


    P.S. Never delete your TS cache unless you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO. Mine is about 2.5 GB and is about 6 months old. If I lost it, that's 2.5 GB of data I would have to re-download at some point.