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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by marketsurfer, Apr 1, 2002.

  1. as a new user of tradestation 6, i have noticed that many of the built in strategies don't seem to fire at the correct time. has anyone else noticed this and any suggestions on how to deal with it ??

  2. Kymar


    Define "correct."

    Keep in mind that EL re-iterates at the end of every bar. Depending on how the signal is written, you can cause it to provide stops that will be tripped intrabar (likewise for alerts and so on)...
  3. kymer,

    thanks for the reply. an example--the strategy "moving average cross long entry" fires when the price in not even near the given moving average. TS reply to my inquiries is " the built in strategies are for "illustration only" makes little to no sense to me.
  4. Kymar


    works fine for me...

    note that the strategy is written for an exponential moving average (default at 9 bar) and includes a "consecutive" variable (default at 1) - though, at least on the example I'm looking at... it's pretty close to a regular MA... and buy on close, not at the average (which you'd write with a stop)...

    I'm guessing it's the buy on close that threw you off...
  5. thanks for the reply, will tweak them a bit.