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    im just curious....whats the average trade size you profitable traders trade and how should i know what size i should be trading?

    also i know every trade is different but, what type of winners are you looking for before entering a trade?
    .10, .20, .50 +?

    im talking about day trading here...
  2. Whatever size u mo
    st comfy with
  3. On my swing trades a point on a $20 stock 5 points on a $80 stock, that's just average, I don't have fixed targets, depends on levels, but it's usually around that.

    On daytrades, I trade for dimes. Sometimes hold for longer, sometimes take nickels or 7 centers. But dimes all day with 1-5 cent losers.

    I shoot for an average of a quarter in the pre market.

    Size depends on the liquidity of the stock and the risk I can afford, as well as how confident I am in the trade or how much I am on tilt.
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    Been there. :D :D :D
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    thanks nyb great info...

  6. The size of move I'm looking to trade depends upon the r/r percieved. For eg. GOOG; during dull mid-market hours when trading in a tight range, scalping for 70 cents to 1$ is good. In the first morning hour won't enter unless perceive a 4 point move in my favor.

    Similarly for other stocks even of same price... price targets for stocks in news/earnings maybe much different from those moving slowly.

    For all intraday trades I consider a profit move of less than 10 cents or loss of less than 5 cents as 'flat' exit.
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    interesting stuff

    anyone comment on size shares they trade?

    do you guys set goal targets per day for yourselves, or you juss let it ride...and only have loss limits...
  8. Your round-trip commission should be less than 1% of the trade-size.

    Also your trade-size should not be greater than 20% of the account value.

    Your trading will be impacted badly if you are not meeting any of above mention thumb rule...

    My 2 cents.
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    i agree that finding the right trading size is very important....that is why i started this thread...
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    How much is a point. When you say "4 point move" what do you mean?
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