Trade Rooms

Discussion in 'Trading' started by CrudelyTrading, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. Anyone know the actual rulings regarding Live Trade Rooms.

    Are they actually against the SEC, NFA and CTFC Rules, or are they OK ?

    I wonder this because I always thought that if ever mentioning a stock for instance, that you had to "disclose that you have a position in it" if you do, or you can be in the wrong for "stock pumping". Then on the other hand a friend just told me that you are not allowed to disclose Futures positions unless you are registered with the NFA or CTFC !

    It´s amusing to me cause these "live trade rooms" tell you when they have positions on (so you can follow ? ?) yet, if they are not allowed to tell you (because they are not registered with the NFA) then how is this not breaking the Law ?

    On the other hand, if a trade room mentions a stock and they DONT tell you their position, then you are in trouble for "being a Pumper"...

    LOL. So, which is it ? Contradictions as always.

    Anyone know the real deal ? Like to see if there is a clarity on this.

    This post is purely for educational and interest purposes - Please do not see this as a position call.... :)