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  1. cofelix


    Anyone knows if there is any software that can automatically record stock trades from my broker and give a performance review? I am an active trader, I want to real time watch how many trades and trading volume I have been traded in a day. BTW, my broker is TD ameritrade and I use QT for trading platform.
  2. you can use tradelink for this with td ameritrade or any of 12 other brokers :

    using TradeLink.API;
    using TradeLink.Common;
    using TradeLink.AppKit;
    public class MyPerformanceSummary : ResponseTemplate
      List fills = new List();
      int fillcount = 0;
      int volume = 0;
      override void GotFill(Trade fill)
          // display fill
          D(fill.symbol+" fill: "+fill.ToString());
          volume += fill.xsize;
          // display information
          D(string.Format("fills: {0} volume: {1}",fillcount,volume));
          // keep track of every fill to produce end-of-day summary
          // receive market data for filled symbols
      Basket mb = new BasketImpl();
      // also display end-of-day summary results
      override void GotTick(Tick k)
           if (k.time>=160000)
              const decimal COMMISSIONPERCONTRACT = .01m;
              const decimal RISKFREERETURN = .01m;
              D(Results.ResultsFromTradeList(fills, COMMISSIONPERCONTRACT, RISKFREERETURN, D).ToString());