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Discussion in 'Forex' started by saikiranray, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. Hi

    Where can I find good intra-day and weekly trade recommendations/forecasts for both the majors and minors.

    Also is there anyone who give out forecasts as to what the trend will be for the day and week (I have found a few sites searching on google but think you seasoned guys can differentiate the boys from the men).

    I would like to know if anyone out there can give forecasts on the days close.

    Most importantly I am looking for free sources. (am just paper trading and trying a new system)

    Thank you in Advance
  2. rezo_s


    lots of publishers, including banks, investment institutions, signal provaders and others. Monthly, weekly, daily...intraday - all there

    surprised you didnt mention that one rezo lol
  4. Thank You all

    I did check Fxstreet its a mine of Information. I have been following the daily report of FXGuide ( and its been quite good.
    I have also been following rezo's comments and NVithalani's weekly recommendations posted on Moneytec.

    I am yet to see saxobank did not know they posted recos.

    Could you guys tell me is there are any places where they forecast what the days or the weeks close will be. I am very interested in that.

    keep posting
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    This is hopless, and needless... noone can predict you week end even day close...well, maybe when it aproaches to day/week closing time :D

  6. I know someone can, I have been using advise from this Vietnamese Forex advisory service, They have a software that analyze the market give out advise on a daily basis on EUR, JPY and GBP, fit good for day trader in Forex market. I myself a day trader, and I find it very useful for I do not have to analyze the market constantly. So far it is about 75 - 85 % accurate
    They have a 1 month demo now, log in using: username: john password: john . You will see the software runing Flash pop up in a few second. Check it out then you will be like me, just hear the alarm and trade.
  7. Hi realticktrader thankyou for the information but, I am not able the website seems to be some firewall/cookies problem, though I will keep trying. Do you know if they post their recommendations anywhere else like FXstreet or any place else or any other site which runs a similar service.

    thank you.
    keep posting