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Discussion in 'Trading' started by michaelday, Aug 30, 2001.

  1. Anybody still using Trade Prospector? I remember a year ago it was a popular topic on this board.
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    I use it to find key intraday Support and Resistance lines based on the previous days activity. It also gives me candidates for the following day such as stocks in a "volatility compression".

    However, I'm not using Trade Prospector as much lately because I'm using Ravenquote and this program automatically draws my pivot points based on the formula I specify, Previous highs/lows, current highs/lows/open, Retracements, etc.
    So, I just load any symbol in the chart and all my S/R lines automatically appear on the chart.

    That said, I still believe Trade Prospector is a great tool if you trade with S/R lines. I think they are still going to make a realtime version that links with various quote providers.
  3. Michael

    I've been using tradeprospector for two years now. Its probably one of the few programs i can recommend. It seems the more books i read and learn about trading ; the more i come to appreciate this software. If anyone is just getting into trading trade prospector can really cut the learning curve. If your an experienced trader, trade prospector can really save you alot of time. They offer a free one month trial. Highly Recommended!!

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    You guys have got me intrigued re: Trade Prospector and Ravenquote. Does anyone know the web address of either? Thanks.
  5. Trade Prospector is located at

    Make sure you print out both the user guide and trading guide before using this program, otherwise you'll be wasting your time.

    By the way, Tradeprospector has its own message board at raging bull. Enter the symbol tprspctr and it will take you there.

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    the only problem with ravenquote is you need the Qfeed data from Some people have problems with Qfeed.

    They are Beta-testing Ravenquote with the E-Signal Data Feed but currently just Qfeed works.
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    Sterling and m c a98,

    Thank you much for the url's and the tips. Will take a looksee.