Trade or be Happy?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by loza, Aug 31, 2007.

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    If you could get instant God's Consciousness. Plus you would feel constant and everlasting joy, safety and security and happiness that no words can describe, for a small price. Give up trading and give up chasing money. Would you do it?

    Now let's compare. A feeling of such a bliss that sexual orgasm is a pale comparison to, versus buying and selling shit and getting plastered on bad days?
    Which is better?
  2. IQ146


    for a man who supposedly is leaving jail or has left jail already, you are interesting so far

    yes you bring up a good question

    its a question I am faced with, not many people are

    you see I am lucid enough to be able to enter this state of happiness through awareness

    but it takes some effort and so far I am undecided

    I suppose I want to prove myself in this world first (world of cut throat) and after move into spiritual
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    a man exists on this forum whose wisdom regarding the world of spiritual is almost unfathomable

    his name is


    I am .... Jesus
  4. Trading pales in comparison to what you offer. I would take it in a NY second. :D :D
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    What if it's trading that gives you all those feelings?
  6. I'm no theologian, but I'm sure God does not ask anyone to make that choice. You can have both.
  7. "I suppose I want to prove myself in this world first (world of cut throat) and after move into spiritual"

    I think that is a very common path. The end realization once you have what you want and need, it is easier to move into the spiritual. That is why you see wealthy people become philanthropists, not all, but many.
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    If trading seemingly gave all these feelings, rest assure its an illusion. Nothing of matter and of this Universe could possibly offer these feelings. In fact once you have this feeling, its like heroin, you cannot rest but strive to get it more. There is no down from this and it is not like a drug, but 1000 fold better.

    My opinion is trading is a constant high and low and this feeling is a permanent, everlasting high that is natural, healthy and nourishing. Trading ages with stress, alcohol and perhaps even drugs, Bliss keeps you young and live forever.
  9. Not sure how spiritual, but nothing demonic either. Trading is a business, just like many other businesses, only it's generally the free spirit who choses discretionary trading vs. those "forced" to work.



    Have a great Labor Day weekend, stay safe!
  10. Before I commit to a response, I would like a standby letter of credit to guarantee the outcome you promise. Then we can talk terms and iron out those pesky negative covenants you require.
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