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  1. mishwar


    I will start my journal on the "Trade Optimization" system. After a long break, struggle to raise funds, I managed to open account.

    Will be trading Futures, mainly ES, YM and NQ.

    Blessings solicited.

    Traded for a couple of days on the trial version, should be starting trades any moment now.

  2. mishwar


    I am keeping this journal so that i have a record of my current state, for learning and for sharing.

    I'll try to put up my blotter, if possible daily, at least regularly.

    If you have anything to contribute, I'll feel happy.

  3. mishwar


    I mainly use MACD, RSI, Slow and Fast Stoc, W%R
    Golden oldies.

    Posting mid day results on paper right now. Starting real trading from early next week.

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    Midday results
  5. mishwar


    March 02
  6. mishwar


    My dream of trading the US markets directly (earlier traded at a prop firm for a while) has come true.

    Two days of losses Gross around $ 350

    I didnt know that current month futures are not liquid a few days before expiration. Back at home its totally opposite.
    Today is 3rd real money trading day.

    snapshot attached

    +100 +
  7. mishwar


    I'm doing gross profits now. A good part of the pent up energy was released in the form of losses. Now I'm averaging about 3 correct trades out of 5. What is more heartening is that I am able to ride winners much longer. The nerves have given way to concentration and implementation (mainly getting out of losers on one or two good hints)
    I'm also trying to cut down the number of trades in one hour.

    Yesterday gross profit $ 110.

    My main goal is to gross profit most of the time while not eroding my capital. I believe its all falling in place now.

    I'm still trading YM mainly with about 5-6 trades in an hour. Right now, I'm not able to spend more than a couple hours a day.

  8. mishwar


    For some reason, when I try to take a snap of my trading blotter, the platform shows a locked sign !!

    I'll try to snag a pic and put it up .. lets see...

  9. mishwar


    I'm looking for comments and feedback on my system.

    Since I'm trading a bit slow these days, and I have a bit of time on my hands, I thought I'll comment on the market as I used to do before.

    Add to that, today is not a particularly good day for me.

    So here goes.
    MY comments mainly on YM, sometimes ES and NQ

    But everyone is welcome, my focus is on the system and not the stock/future/product.

  10. mishwar


    YM has support very short term at 12366
    but is behaving v strangely.
    Should move up at least 5-6 pts now
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