Trade on VPS to protect against Ransomware and Increase Returns

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  1. We have a surge of new VPS customers due to the recent wave of high profile ransomware in the news.
    Ask yourself what you would do if you were locked out of your computer?

    Trading on our VPS protects you from ransomware by:
    1. A dedicated server environment for your trading workspace is separate from your personal computer, so you are less likely to accidentally click on a bad email link or download a bad file.
    2. If you accidentally download a virus onto your server, the built in virus scanner and firewall rules will stop the problem before it spreads.
    3. If firewall and anti-virus are bypassed, you can quickly wipe and restore your server from backup. Within a few minutes, you'll be back up and trading.
    4. If ransomware infects your personal computer, you can still earn income and trade on your dedicated server environment by remotely connecting to it with a different device.​

    If you're still on the fence about trading on your own server, here are some of the other important benefits:
    1. Trade on Mobile, Tablet, other PCs. A remote server allows you to run Windows Only applications on non Windows devices. The trading workspace is on the server, enabling trading from Androids, iPhones, Tablets, Mac, other PCs. For example enter a trade on your PC and continue with the same workspace/trade on your phone.
    2. 100% Uptime, Never lose internet connection, Never miss a trade setup. If your home internet connection or router needs to be restarted, your trading workspace on the server is always connected to your broker and data feed. If you have a local PC or internet problem, instantly switch to trading on mobile without missing the trade setup.
    3. Optimize order fills and reduce slippage. By trading on our servers 1ms away from CME, you'll be prioritized in the order queue and increase returns by reducing order slippage.
    4. Automated Trading. Our servers are designed to run critical trading applications 24/7, allowing you to run your automated strategies.
    5. Simultaneously connect to the same brokerage account in multiple instances. For example use VPS for live trading and connect to the same brokerage on local PC while testing new strategies.

    If you have tried a VPS from a different provider but weren't satisfied, give us a shot and you won't be disappointed. Unlike other VPS providers, our servers are specifically configured for lag free remote desktop and chart trading.

    Trading over VPS works with all software (NinjaTrader, MetaTrader, TradeStation, eSginal, Rithmic, CQG, Kinetick, and many more!)

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