Trade on nothing but price action

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by LivermoreRisen, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. don't use news, don't use fundamentals, nothing but your charts, no politics, no economic numbers. Just price action

    anyone do this successfully?
  2. Other than the greatest trader of all time, that is, Jesse Livermore
  3. Thats how I trade all day , everyday.
  4. Weasel


    Isn't this what scalpers do?
  5. yes... price action confirmed with an indicator
  6. mind


    Jesse Livermore is a romantic marketing gag. ... and now there is a risen marketing gag ... get real.
  7. this is what traders do...charts reflect all of the above. well, maybe except fundamentals. :p
  8. Do you mean to exclude volume too? ( If I remember Jessie did ).
  9. No, you are wrong. Livermore started that way, but his losses taught him to trade the fundamentals.
  10. Yes I am a price action trader plus maybe a moving average (but I often ignore the moving average)...
    #10     Mar 30, 2005