Trade on 9/11?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by alamotrader, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. In my trading I like to stand aside on unusual days. Will tomorrow be an unusual day? Will volume be there? Will it trade like pre-holiday, i.e. drift higher. Might be "unpatriotic" to be a seller tomorrow.

    Any insights?
  2. I'll trade whatever the charts tell me to trade. If market's going down, I will be shorting. There's nothing "unpatriotic" about it.



    Interesting question. I'm sure it's on the minds of many. Tomorrow will be a very tough day for alot of folks, and perhaps the volume will be light. According to what I have heard, many floor traders attribute the lighter volume this week to the 9/11 "cloud".

    I don't have a plan for tomorrow's uncertainty, instead I'll just take the day as it comes. Certainly, I'll be paying very close attention volume. Good luck.
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    IMHO today played out the way it did because a lot of people are cautious about being invested tomorrow. Terrorism is threatened on 9-11's anniversary for the last two years. No one wants to be fully invested if it actually happens. And Bin Laden stuck his ugly mug on television again along with fresh threats.

    I just hope tomorrow is a quiet day on the markets because nothing happens and we just have a gentle trend. But I will be at my keyboard to take whatever opportunities are given me.

    Gives me the pip this idea "shorting is unpatriotic". That is how futures and the market works.
  5. Looking back at the airline stocks, using a 40 or 50 day sma, one was short weeks and months before 9/11. If it were you that was killed, would you want people to go on with the day in a normal fashion, perhaps remembering you but continuing to march? Or would you prefer that everyone stop and reflect, pledge allegiance to the flag, sing our national anthem, and spend the day with family and friends?

    Both have merit, both are patriotic. We survive.... go forward.
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    There is something "unpatriotic" about wanting to short on 9/11. I'm always looking for a good short, but not on 9/11. If you want to short, put on some shorts and go running.

    Don't be a fool.
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    i fully agree....the gap never quite did close (SPY) this morning, and we attempted to 2 or 3 times before buyers gave up....went home early and we had what usually is a friday afternoon slide.....
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    please..... this is a market. traders provide liquidity for our market. (so we should short on 9/12 when the inflated run bursts?) this is a 'trading' board, not an 'investing' board. when we are talking about shorting, we're talking about providing liquidity to give joe shmoe g.i. joe the best price available for his investment! now that's patriotic!
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    i'm sure i'm not alone in this - i'm carrying a great deal of emotional baggage into tomorrow - my main goal is merely to get through the day without doing something stupid.
  10. Whatever Romeo. I'm almost certain I will be shorting the market in the first half hour tomorrow. You can call me whatever you want. In case you were wondering, this is a "traders" board.

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