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  1. Not sure where this thread belongs but I'll put it here for now. I'd love to have a place where people share their best trades for the day. My best today was CHAP -- i got filled 72.8 and and sold it a bit later for a point (bit too early). Probably a good stock to swing but I've recently switched from swing to day....

    I know people here often do not like posting what stocks they trade (esp the scalpers who trade the same stocks) but there if there are traders like me who don't mind sharing -- then please mention the stock and the price and exit.
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    This sounds like an interesting idea...

    How about giving us some more details... like why you got in and why you go out.

  3. Perhaps you could post both the Best and the Worst trade of the day... not that you could be expected to actually provide the very worst when asked.

  4. Well, let's see if the idea catches on. CHAP had hit 72.5 a couple days in a row which caught my attention. When it actually broke thru today, I tried some (with stop right under 72.5).

    The worst trade -- oh man, there are so many..... you guys really want the worst trade too?

  5. sorry forgot to answer your exit question -- my trades are usually 3-1 risk reward. my risk was just a bit over 30 cents, so when i got a quick point, i exited.
  6. Best trade of the day....... Take a look at WMT around 9:35am Sept 1st. That was an arca, and it was real!
  7. Damn...hope you held down your buy key until your buying power ran out!!!
  8. To keep the thread alive -- my worst trade of the Day on Friday was buying THE around 38, then selling it immediately for a slight loss, and then watching it close at 39.5. don't even ask why ... just really really stupid stupid trade. I wanted to leave early and shouldn't have entered in the first place.
  9. Trade of the day was shorting HANS at 27 and covering for 50 cents.

    My worst trade was buying AKAM at 42.15 and selling it 5 cents later (she went to 43.5). Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don't even ask why -- I had only filled on half the position I wanted and was frustrated. Terrible!

    runner-up was shorting TIE and covering that one too soon too...but not nearly as bad as AKAM.
  10. full disclosure-- before i get some nasty pm or anyone accuses me of copying, or sh*t like that: the first two selections were from (which puts zanger's newsletter in the dust btw) even though the entry prices weren't exactly theirs.

    TIE i saw for myself.

    but akam would have been on my list anyway....regardless.

    anyone else catch a good move you want to share (hopefully with better exits than me)
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