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  1. Evidence Obama Born In Kenya Goes Beyond 1991 Brochure
    Establishment media pulls stunt in effort to diffuse ‘birther’ controversy

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Friday, May 18, 2012

    The establishment media hastily seized on yesterday’s explosive story about a literary publication listing Barack Obama’s birthplace as Kenya in an effort to claim that the 1991 brochure was the “origin” of the entire ‘birther’ issue. In reality, evidence that Obama was born in the African country is abundant.

    A literary agent’s promotional text for a 1991 brochure released yesterday by states Obama was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

    Yahoo News, along with a deluge of other mainstream news outlets, responded by reporting that the document was potentially the “source” of the birther controversy and had merely been a mistake.

    The literary agent who wrote the description, Miriam Goderich, now works with Dystel & Goderich agency, which lists Obama as one of its clients. Unsurprising therefore that Goderich hastily claimed listing Obama’s birthplace as Kenya was “nothing more than a fact checking error.”

    However, evidence to indicate that Obama war born in Kenya is plentiful and it goes significantly beyond the 1991 version of the brochure.

    - Despite claiming the passage about Obama’s birthplace being Kenya was a mistake, the listing still maintained that Obama’s birthplace was Kenya until after Obama became a U.S. Senator. “Goderich’s statement fails to explain why the “fact checking error” persisted for sixteen years, through at least three different versions of Jane Dystel’s website, and through at least four different versions of Obama’s biography,” reports

    - The literary agency also updated the text in June 1998, but the part about Obama being born in Kenya was retained.

    - The text was again updated in February 2005 to reflect the fact that Obama had become a Senator, but Kenya was still listed as his birthplace.

    - After an April 2007 modification of the text, the passage still read Obama, “was born in Kenya.”

    - As Steve Boman reveals, the Dystel & Goderich agency asks its clients to submit their own biography, meaning it’s virtually impossible the listing of Obama’s birthplace as Kenya could have been a “fact checking error” on behalf of the literary company itself.

    - During a speech about HIV, First Lady Michelle Obama said she and Barack Obama “visited his home country of Kenya.” Watch the clip below.

    - In 2008, Obama’s paternal step grandmother appeared to indicate publicly that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. In an interview conducted by American Christian minister Ron McRae, Sarah Obama was asked, ‘Were you present when your grandson was born in Kenya?’” McRae testified in his sworn statement. “This was asked to her in translation twice, and both times she replied, “Yes! Yes she was! She was present when Obama was born.”

    - Another source who met Sarah Obama told World Net Daily, “I have keenly and attentively listened to the tape over and over again, and I can confirm from Sarah’s own confession that Barack Obama was born in Kenya in her presence.”

    - A separate Kenyan government official agreed, stating, “I have listened to the tape. The preacher asked whether Barack Obama was born in Mombassa, and the translator asked the same. When she said Mombassa, it was like a surprise, and those there thought she could not have meant to say Mombassa.”

    - When New York Times bestselling author Jerome Corsi traveled to Kenya to investigate the claims, he was almost immediately kicked out of the country by Kenyan officials.

    - When Kenya’s National Security Intelligence Service investigated claims that Obama was born in Kenya, officials in Nairobi found “relevant birth records may have been removed or were missing.”

    - Obama has deep political connections in Kenya. From 2006 onwards he rallied in support of Islamist Raila Odinga in Kenya, helping him impose Sharia law. When Odinga lost the Kenyan election in 2008, his supporters rioted, unleashing a wave of violence. Despite the bloodshed, Obama used his influence to aid Odinga in retaining his position as part of a coalition government.

    For the mainstream media to imply that the 1991 brochure is the “source” of the claim that Obama was born in Kenya is completely inaccurate. Not only was that brochure updated many times right up until 2007, with the information about Obama’s birthplace being Kenya retained, but there are numerous other factors which all indicate that Kenya could indeed be Obama’s homeland.

    Obama: First British President of the United States
    May 18, 2012

    Back in 2004, as he prepared to run for the Senate, the Associated Press ran the headline: Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate.
    Alan Keyes: Is Obama a natural born citizen? ran an article by John Charlton in 2009 mentioning the post originally posted in June, 2004. It is now readily available via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

    Here is the text from the AP:

    Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama (sic), appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations.

    Charlton writes:

    This report explains the context of the oft cited debate, between Obama and [Alan] Keyes in the following Fall, in which Keyes faulted Obama for not being a “natural born citizen”, and in which Obama, by his quick retort, “So what? I am running for Illinois Senator, not the presidency”, self-admitted that he was not eligible for the office. Seeing that an AP reporter is too professional to submit a story which was not based on confirmed sources (ostensibly the Obama campaign in this case), the inference seems inescapable: Obama himself was putting out in 2004, that he was born in Kenya.

    Obama conceded in October of 2004 during a debate with Alan Keyes that he is not a natural born citizen. C-Span aired an uncut version of the debate in April of 2005.

    In 2008, Keyes filed a lawsuit in California challenging Obama’s right to serve as president. The suit demanded Obama produce a valid birth certificate. The Third District Court of Appeal threw the lawsuit out in October, 2010.

    Obama’s birth in Kenya makes him a British subject. In 1961, Kenya was still a British colony. The British Nationality Act of 1948 (Part II, Section 5) states:

    Subject to the provisions of this section, a person born after the commencement of this Act shall be a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies by descent if his father is a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies at the time of the birth.

    In other words, Obama is the first British president of the United States.
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    Since Obama can't produce a valid Hawaii birth certificate it seems he was not born in Hawaii. It's a shame that the liar we have in the White House has damaged this country so much and should never have had the opportunity to fool the citizens. If this isn't high crimes then nothing a President does ever will be.
  3. Stop it, stop with the nonsense. We'll never win if we keep the fringes popping up with this crap.
  4. do you nutters ever give up. do you realize you have 3 birther threads going right now?
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    Lol. "Your first error was, the error. Your second error was not discovering your first error. Your third error was not correcting your errors. Your fourth error was persisting at length in these errors. Where one error is of course understandable, all these errors clearly indicate a pattern of corruption and cover-up."
  6. I can easily see how a person would say Kenya when they meant to say Hawaii.
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    How many anti Christian and anti Republican threads do you have going right now?
  8. CNN - with Chairman of our RNC says "Obama is an American Citizen" calls Arizona challenge a waste of time.

    Let's get over this nonsense. Stick with jobs, and keep Mitt focused.
  9. You can thank the Clinton's.
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