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  1. Can anybody with Trade Navigator tell me what this symbol represents. $--HELTH
    Theres a whole list of things including MEDIA, CAPITAL GOODS,
    FURNITURE AND FIXTURES. All of these symbols start with $--
    There are charts for each one. Based on the charts I'm seeing, could I trade these charts in any way. I like the movement some of the make.
  2. dcriese


    from online help:

    Indices begin with special characters as follows:
    $ designates a Market Index. Common market indices are: $COMPQ for the NASDAQ Composite index, $DJIA for Dow Jones Industrial Average, $OEX for S&P 100 Index, $SPX for S&P 500 Index, $VIX for CBOE Option Volatility Index.

    $- designates a Sector Index. A sector index is comprised of issues making up the sector. For example, the Airline Sector Index $-AIRLIN represents a measurement of all the airline stocks as a whole unit. The stocks that make up these sector indices are all equally weighted within the index.
  3. Can the sector index itself be traded?