Trade Navigator Testing

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by larrylwill, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. I got demo copy of TN Plat. and am trying to learn to use the stratagy builder. Nowhere can I find any information on using the development tools.
    Anyway I took their sample MA crossover stratagy and changed it as follows.
    1. sell when one MA crosses below the other = Sell Limit
    2. exit short profit target = Buy Stop
    3. exit short stop loss = Buy Stop

    optomize= sell when MA crosses below the another
    Num Bars for Fast= 5 - 50 step 5
    Num Bars for Slow = 10 - 50 step 5
    Profit Target = 12.5 to 1250 step 12.5
    Stop loss amount 12.5 to 125 step 12.5

    JY 5 min bars from 6/4/06 - 6/22/06 (thats as long as it allows)
    commission/slippage RT = 7.00 ( I assume in $)
    10 bars min required, longest trade 200 bars

    I always get 0 wins. I tried the same thing on Buys NO wins.
    Obviousley Im doing something wrong.
    I called them and they couldnt even tell me if I was inputting the corect data as to bars or $ or which goes where.
    Can sombody help me.?