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  1. hello fellow traders, have anyone have tried out Trade n Track software and there educational products? I am about to try it out, but was looking for some feed back, is there is anything unique you have found about this charting software?
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    did you find anything good in your quest?
  3. And you when through all that trouble?
    Im steel posting so i guest not.
  4. Nothing unique, used the old version (pre stocks etc) and quite liked it. Very simple, but at the time it only had commodities, and was set up very well for them.

    The most unique thing about it (at the time) was it actually worked, it kept plugging away, day after day, while metastock crashed, stalled, froze, burned my charts, lost my templates and dont even mention data issues.

    Your locked in with their data though,IIRC, and im not sure i like that business model....lots of "cheap" stuff, teasers and lead ins, but if you want all the data, all the stuff (cot etc) you pay a kings ransom for it.
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    Alaron Las Vegas office like Track 'n Trade (I assume it is what u posted about) a lot to show commodity option position in training.
  6. I think he was referring to this one
    They now offer one for equities called High Finance . It works rather well. I am still playing with it.
  7. Thank you, fiveanddime for clearing that up...I am also testing the software and see great potential its what I was looking for. I very much like the calculation tools, also its some what expensive, but I seen it on ebay, for half the price.
  8. Too expensive for me.
  9. I found something that needs improvements, their is no moving average on volume.
  10. I like the simplicity that it works at, but other softwares have more for the stock trader. The Track n Trade was first out for commodities and lacks a few things. I do like the Gann angles and Elliot waves.
    I have also been trying Swing Tracker as well. Swing tracker is more in tune to stock trading and it offers real time charting and scanning. No there is no Volume MA indicator but it does scan using many volume averages. It also is easy to customize scans. The biggest problem I find is it's speed, it can really bog down sometimes. But all in all it's a decent package for the price. Free trials are offered at
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