Trade More, Save More

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    Your futures trading business is very important to you. Controlling variable costs is a clear priority.

    That’s why TradeMaven is offering a futures commission solution that fits your needs.

    TradeMaven commissions start at just 99¢ per side, no minimum volume required.

    And there’s more; TradeMaven offers volume price breaks everyday.

    What does this mean? The more you trade, the cheaper your commissions get on a daily basis.

    Example: Your first 5 round turn trades will be at the .99¢ commission rate; your NEXT 5 round turn trades will be at .89¢ per side, a savings of 20¢ per round turn!

    Price breaks continue with more volume.

    What’s the Bottom line? Trade more and get instant savings THE SAME DAY!

    For more information call 1-800-845-9685 or email

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    Trade More, Save More