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    Your futures trading business is very important to you. Controlling variable costs is a clear priority.

    That’s why TradeMaven is offering a futures commission solution that fits your needs.

    TradeMaven commissions start at just 99¢ per side, no minimum volume required.

    And there’s more; TradeMaven offers volume price breaks everyday.

    What does this mean? The more you trade, the cheaper your commissions get on a daily basis.

    Example: Your first 5 round turn trades will be at the .99¢ commission rate; your NEXT 5 round turn trades will be at .89¢ per side, a savings of 20¢ per round turn!

    Price breaks continue with more volume.

    What’s the Bottom line? Trade more and get instant savings THE SAME DAY!

    For more information call 1-800-845-9685 or email

    Good Trading,
  2. For which products are those rates ?
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    All US electronic futures markets that we currently provide access to and most European futures markets.

  4. External orders showed up on my screen when using Transact/ Trademaven. Froze my computer as well. They never found out how the orders came to be. At least that's what they told me. I was in a conference call w/ both companies and neither could tell me whether or not I was in a trade. Unbelievable. Unfortunately, I was in a losing trade of course.

    - Never reimbursed me.

    - Never called me back.

    - I had to call them several times to get updates... Nothing... no help. Closed the account that week. Unreal. Proceed with caution.
  5. Trademaven stopped using Transact in March-06 and have since then not had these kind of problems.
  6. Nice of you to take up an ID with the same name as the sponsor, and make one post which did not disprove the previous poster's assertion, all the while not having "ET Sponsor" under your name. He didn't say that his problem was CURRENT. People remember broker shenanigans.

    One complete buffoon of a brokerage, once cost me 30% of my account due to problems with THEIR synthetic OCO stoploss/profit target pairing 10 years ago. It hit both sides 30 minutes apart, and they said that was not enough time for their computer to cancel the other side. All they said was "well, we said it was Not Held." It still burns me.

    And if this is ZAL, don't start using multiple aliases to make yourself look like a team. It makes you look like the business end of a donkey.
  7. A lot of good that did me Mr. One- post Trademaven. Thanks for shrugging your shoulders and saying "Oh well" to remedy my situation. I appreciate it.
    So.. when can I expect my reimbursement check?

    Trader beware when dealing with Trademaven... seriously.
  8. Thanks for the info ... the deal does sound too good to be true ... ah, life in vendorville. :eek:
  9. My story is timid compared to others.
    Good trading to you.
  10. This alias is Peter Nannis, co-founder of TradeMaven Software, and currently a Managing Partner of TradeMaven Group. I am deeply involved in all technology aspects of TradeMaven.

    I can be reached at for anyone who wants specific info about our technology and/or history.
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