Trade Monster

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  1. anyone use this for trading??
  2. Hell no.
  3. nkhoi

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    not a sponsor so we don't use it.:D :p :D
  4. They are even cheaper than IB @ 0.50per contract. If the Thinkorswim Ameritrade merger create something undesired, I'll consider Trade Monster.
  5. Dr J on CNBC apparently runs that shit. You're an idiot if you get near it.
  6. What's the scoop on Dr J??
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    It's that pony tail and [sic] football thingy.
  8. Have you ever looked at Options House? If you're doing small size, there are probably better places. But OH charges a flat $9.99 fee no matter how many contracts you put in a single trade. It's especially beneficial if you trade a lot of multi-leg trades.
  9. akeserla


    Pretty friendly customer service, however i would prefer TOS/IB as the commissions are much better and also I like a desktop platform.

    Browser based systems are cool but Desktop versions have more power. Though I have to admit that I like their streaming quotes on the platform and it is a pretty nice looking flash app