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Discussion in 'Risk Management' started by tradegod, May 13, 2009.

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    I have seen a lot of discussions about trading platform, charting software, automated trading system and backtesting software on ET. However, I rarely see any discussion about trade management software. In order to improve your trading performance, I believe you must analyze your trading results, both winners and losers.

    Right now, I am using OpenOffice Calc to analyze and track my trades. I am also developing a trading database using OpenOffice Base to make it easier for me to analyze and track my trades. However, I am considering to abandon my trading database development since I don't like reinventing the wheel.

    I currently trade stocks and options. I might try futures in the future. I need a software to conduct statistical analysis on my trades like winner statistics, loser statistics, entry grade, exit grade, trade grade, gain statistics, hold time, equity curve, position sizing statistics and recommendations, etc.

    After searching through ET posts, I found the following two trade management software received good reviews:

    1. Market System Analyzer
    2. Stator-AFM

    What do you think about these two? Let me know your experience in using the above software. I have downloaded the trials and will try them this weekend. Can you recommend other trade management software? I hope this thread can be a good guideline for traders looking for a good trade management software.

    Have a good trade :)
  2. Very important indeedly. But this is the easier part of the business. It can be done in excel.
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    Yes you are correct intradaybill, it can be done in excel. However, it is also tedious and is full of manual labor, such as macro programming, making sure the dataset lined up correctly, designing the layout so it looks nice, etc. I want to become a better trader, not a better programmer. That's why I am looking for a specialized trade management software. Do you have any suggestion?