Trade Like O'Neil Disciple / Virtue of Selfish Investing

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    For those who read Gil Morales/Chris Kacher's book "How to Trade Like an O'Neil Disciple" and/or subscribe to their subscription service: I was wondering if you could provide your feedback. Especially on the Market Timing Model, that is most interesting!! Thanks!
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  3. O'Neil is a better business man than a trader.

    If you have read any of his books, it is basically a marketing brochure for his IBD services.

    He charged $1000 (when I was a believer so 7 or 8 years ago) per years for his premium services (scanner, charts, etc). That mean if he just have 10,000 subscribers, he would gross $10 millions for the services. 100k subscribers will gross him $100 millions. 1 million subscribers will gross him $1 billions, basically risk free.