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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by waggie945, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. For anyone that subscribes to Trade-Ideas, what are some of your more successful indicators?

  2. Wow, no posts to the above question after roughly 4.5 years???
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    Hey Landis...they are just going mainstream now! hahaha....Been using it for 2 mos... Big size is the only indicator I find it useful so far. I feel I am not capitalizing on its full potential but many indicators I tried are worthless like running up and running down, patterns, etc....Anyone else?
  4. Sorry I should have been reading more carefully. The key to success in TI is understanding the difference between alerts and filters and how to combine them. Running Up by itself is completley useless but so are almost any indicator. You have to apply some kind of a filter to make the running up make you money. Here is the FAQ from their site that explains it if you get this concept you get why this software is very powerful. It is basically that simple. Otherwise you might as well forget it because no alert by itself and Big Bid and Offer are included are worth anything :)! Filters it is all in the filters.