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  1. Is anyone having problems with the software today?
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  3. general question. could you tell us what software you mean?
  4. Trade ideas software.

    Im just trying to figure out if its just me. I havent had a problem with it ever.
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    If by "problems" you mean that Trade-Ideas has been missing alerts, then I can tell you that this is nothing new and in fact happens all the time with this product.
  6. no just connections. How often do you miss alerts?
  7. FAST.AM


    Is this product any good ?
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    Trade ideas keeps all the systems on their server. Could they just back test everyones models see the ones that are like 80% percent accurate for various time-frames and trade them themselves?

    This sounds like a gold mine for tradeideas. I wish I would have thought abou it. Well I did just didn't have the capital to put it into a working model.

  9. Traders used to use Trade Ideas' filter for market shorts (size stepping down on the offer) with an uptick rule circumvention product (post bullets) and make a consistent average profit of $1000-2,000, daily.

    The hybrid market cut the profitability of doing that in half, and the elimination of the uptick rule took that edge away entirely, though offers do step down and you can still hit bids to take people's liquidity when you see your setup. I can make more money saving the $8000+ I used to pay monthly in order to get short on a downtick in the market and not having a free-money stepping short trade, so I like the elimination of the uptick rule.
  10. my stars! the paranoia ...
    I got a company for you ... LifeLock

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