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  1. TI moving average alerts do not seem to be working. Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. Do you have your filters set to tight?
  3. All the conditions of an Trade ideas filter have to be present for it to signal.

    If you have more then a couple conditions sometimes they don't all conicide to give the alert.

  4. What he said.

    One idea is to set up an alert page for just that type of alert and tune your filters to dump extraneous data (like low volume issues and price range) then you would get all the MA crossovers for any stocks that meet your price range and minimum volume requirements. You get too dicey and you might not ever see an alert....
  5. TI said that they were having server issues, and that it would be fixed for Monday. Then I tried the 50 SMA today and it did do some alerts, but did not show nearly enough alerts for my settings, and for the numerous stocks that crossed 50 SMA. Some stocks had just one alert when their chart shows multiple times crossing the 50 SMA.
  6. The crossing MA alerts are all volume confirmed to prevent it from triggering every penny up and down. Otherwise you could have 20 alerts for the same stock in one minute. I had the same issue recently, meaning I asked the questions and that is what they said. If you look at the description line you will see that in the message. I am still pretty new to the system about 4 months but I use those alerts. My suggestion is to use the filters instead and have an alert as a trigger if you don't like the volume confirmation.
  7. aem, payx, wdc, and jcg are only a few of the stocks that crossed the 50sma multiple times throughout today's trading, and only one alert was shown for each stock. You will see several more like that if you select the 50 MA alert and view the stock on an intraday chart with the 50sma on. My filter settings are broad: price 20-50, avg vol >500k, min range today >.50c.
    Using the 50 day sma filter with 5min heartbeat i'm getting alerts as much as thirty-minutes after last price crosses the ma.
    My view is that the alert is not nearly as efficient as it should be.
  8. your min range may be whats causing you trouble.

    I'd loosen it up a bit and see what happens.
  9. Better yet get rid of the min range.

  10. If I remove the minimum range I'll be getting stocks that are trading flat or near flat.
    Also, when biib crossed the ma just after 12:30, the alert did not trigger until 1:41pm. This was using 5min Heartbeat with the 50 SMA filter. I emailed TI about this since I'm seeing too many of these late alerts.
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