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  1. There have been some really nasty threads about this software lately, but I like it and have used it for two years. I am a PAYING customer and not a shill.

    The software is actually very easy to use, and integrates really well with Medved Quotetracker charting software. There are tons of indicators and filters to use, so in that respect, it can be overwhelming. Just start slowly and build up your scans over time.

    I found that the "out of the box" scans they offer did not work for me. For my style of trading, the trade ideas software offers "setups" only, not triggers. I need a chart and paintbars to pinpoint entries.

    The people that I have offered assistance to have told me that TI waits too long for confirmation of a trend. The TI servers wait for volume to confirm a trend, which sounds logical to me, but I don't need that for my trade setups.

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  2. Whats your trading style, what do you trade?

    if you wern't with TI, who would you be with?

    - Nathan
  3. I introduce all my "bootcampers" to Trade-Ideas, and we get a nice online, live tutorial for the group. It's a little complex in appearance, but overall pretty easy to use. Good guys there as well.


  4. Don, what do you think of the above quote?...are you missing entrys/ exits because confirmation takes too long?
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    I know you are asking Don, but just as an fyi on the topic from my personal experience some alerts require volume confirmations while others do not. It strictly depends on what you select. Volume confirmation is not a part of every alert or filter.
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    What are you trying to accomplish for your scans in general?

    TI is different in that you have to decipher icon filters, some of which are canned (not under your control) and some which are still canned but can be filtered, and some which you can set yourself.

    Ti is NOT in the vein of a RadarScreen or a Insight, or 1st Alert where you can write you own specific criteria and turn it loose.

    You have to think in icon bits. Sort of like baking a cake. Some volume filters here, some price restriction there, some atr added in, etc.

    I tried Ti twice. The first time I tried Ti thanks to ET, I could not believe anyone could use this software. I thought it was POS.

    I junked it.

    People kept raving about Ti and honestly I thought they were deranged.

    But my Whisper reseller was really dragging his feet on writing my scans and it was a pure fluke I wrote to one of the managing partners of TI if they could do this very simple scan that is the bread and butter of how I find set ups, especially at the open.

    Either I missed it in my trial period or they added it, and I signed up on the spot, for just that one filter because Ti is one of the very few scanners that can filter the ENTIRE stock market.

    RadarScreen cant.
    Neoticker cant.
    IRT cant.

    Many others. Even though with them you can write your very own scan. Limited # of symbols.

    If it can do what you need you'll love it, because it's real time.

    If not, it wont be something useful to you.

    The way I use it is, Ti finds the stocks for the criteria, then I port those stocks into Quotetracker and refine the sort.

    Then that list ports into RadarScreen for my particular conditions.

    Well worth the $ to me. Maybe not you.

    Some recent gems that I would have never found ID or from my EOD watchlist.

    6/29 BBD
    6/28 EEFT

    Today was TSCO. I dont watch these Eod. I have no reason to. But found em with Ti.

    I have extremely tight criteria on these particular scans, but even so they find 3-5 stocks a week

    Try it for a month.

    Take a look at their blog for ideas.

    Do a search on this site for "Diamondtrim" Many view him as a shill but he has posted more useful info regarding Ti than anyone.

    Good luck.
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    See if this works.

    6.42am first alert
    8.12 am 2nd.

    Took bit over 1 pt on each.
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