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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by bears21, Jul 11, 2010.

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    i have been a trade ideas customer for years. love the alerts the ability to be creative and obviously the backtester which helps to see if your strategies are working in the current enviroment. i do wish they had more of a sample, atleast 6 months instead of just 28 trading days or so. my questions have to do with the robot, which can take these alerts and automatically trade them for you without doing any code work. with automation totally dominating the markets nowadays it seems fitting that more and more traders have the ability to automater their strategies without hiring a programmer. i know the robot can connect to sterlings api as of now it is not enabled through lightspeed and i am not sure about laser. i am sure eventually it will be the norm to connect to most direct access platforms. i have used it and i have had moderate success. still alot of bugs come with it, missed fills, over covers etc. i do believe it has potential and with the way the market is evolving they have an opportunity to really gain some market share. but i do believe we need to see more stability and more of an overall understanding of what it can become. does anyone here on the site have experience with the robot and what is your opinions on it overall ?