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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by IGolf, Sep 22, 2006.

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    So I have been trading off of the Trade-Ideas Odds Maker set ups that I built. The results are great my only problem is keeping up with the system. Some high odds set ups I have to trade over 17 times a day and I am running 3 of them. I can do it one or two days a week but then I get super tired and lose focus. I want to automated this so that it sends orders directly to my trading platform.

    The human factor only got me up to 11K in the 15 days gggrrrrhhhh. It was frustrating but I think I am heading in the right direction. Anyone know of a way to send orders directly to REDI?
  2. IGolf, which broker are you trading through?
  3. IGolf


    I trade with prop firm in San Diego.
  4. I see. Can't help there. Sorry. With brokers we support in QuoteTracker, though not fully automated, we could still make the tie between the broker and TI much tighter.
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    Dan has shown me the integration with QT I always thought it was very tight :) kudos on that. I am pretty pumped up on that OM add on and think it would help me a lot for my type of trading but I know how lazy I am :)