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  1. Has anyone used this?
  2. dmabe


    I've been using Trade-Ideas for years now. Great bunch of people there - support is great and they roll out a steady stream of new features.

    I couldn't trade without it now. I use it for manual and automated trading.

    Well worth it IMHO.
  3. You know, it's kinda brother who "hates" add-on techno stuff (really old school, LOL)... first saw Trade Ideas years ago in their infancy...and he was impressed by their methodology of having so many "likely filters" in their standard set up.

    I ask that they give our new people a class in how to use the system, and many do.

    Anway, Dan and Dave and crew are good people!

  4. We were one of the first customers to use Trade Ideas and there are a few old school alerts in there that they designed for us. Like the False Gap retracement or what we call the "Horseshoe' setup.

    Been using it for years and don't let the intense functionality scare you. take advantage of volume filters to sort out the low volume "noise". Maybe make a watch list with just ETF to gauge the sector movements.

  5. Aok


    Fast, stable, small computer footprint.

    It's very easy to write TI off but if you spend a little bit of time with it you may find some stocks you would not have to trade.

    One restriction is that some temporal and indicator parameters are canned so if you need a different one you're stuck. But if you can work with/around it, it's solid real time scanner.
  6. Awesome. Thanks' Everyone!
  7. FOR BREAKOUT TRADING SCALPS. the software is awesome....of course scalping requires a decent size account to make money.......